Spring Box offer a wide range of services to all of our commercial customers – from commercial office moves to interior design and deliveries.

Whether you are an estate agent, interior designer, furniture company, fine art dealer or simply hiring staff for day events, we are here for you.

Commercial Moving in London

Furniture Delivery & Assembly: If you have ordered new furniture and need it delivering to your office, home or workplace, Spring Box can take care of it all. In the modern world of flat-pack furniture, assembling is also part of the first-class white glove service we offer to our high street and online furniture shops. Your every need will be taken care of throughout the delivery and assembly process.

Interior Design Projects: Our team of interior designer logistics specialist are on hand throughout the process. We can receive goods for you, check them and store them safely until required in the final interior design stages of a project. You don’t need to worry about damaging goods because Spring Box can store furniture until it is ready to be installed. 

Office Relocations: Moving office in London? Need to pack up your entire office and transfer it to a new base? Spring Box uses highly effective crates and tools to safely move valued office equipment on a daily basis throughout the City. Office moves can be very stressful, particularly if you are the member of staff co-ordinating everything, but Spring Box are there to guide you every step of the way with your London office move.

Fine Art: Your fine art is valuable and precious. That is why Spring Box provide peace of mind when moving fine art in London. Our logistics team plan and prepare everything for you and ensure your fine art gets the special treatment. Collections, Crating, Installations, Shows and Deliveries in Fine Art are services we take very seriously and are trained to undertake.

Interior Design House Fitters: If you are selling a property in London and want to enhance sales prospect, talk to Spring Box. We can collect and install furniture from storage and into houses which are for sale. If you need help with a house sale in London, we’re on hand to provide logistics and services.

Labour Hire: The talents of the Spring Box team aren’t limited. We can provide labour hire if you need staff to provide physical labour at events and install projects. From photoshoots and exhibitions to venue set up for big events, our team of have the skills and know how to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you need more hands of deck, Spring Box can help you out.

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We understand that our commercial clients require commitment and a trustworthy workforce, and we are happy to work with you to meet your needs and our staff can fulfil the bespoke requirements you need to complete the job with satisfaction and peace of mind.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can support your business, whether for commercial office moves or the most important deliveries you need.

About Us

Yes as you can imagine the name comes from the director who is from South Africa. However, just like the rainbow nation we are a company that employs people from all kinds backgrounds. Mainly from the UK & Europe our staff are all well trained, professional and know London very well.

We belong to the Living Wage foundation which sets bigger salary standards compared to other removal companies in London. All our staff have been in our industry for 10+ years now. Experience is something we are rich in and it really helps us win our jobs when customers refer us to other people.

We take a lot of pride in how we work. Making sure we never take short cuts and always trying to display good workmanship at all times. We have a competitive culture that keeps the guys on the road on their toes and breeds a sense of belonging in ur crews.

Our goal every time is to make the customer happy and satisfied. Everything we do is to accomplish this goal on every job. Our dedicated team is made up of genuine, honest and hardworking characters.

The director has a close relationship with the guys on the road and as a result the customers experience is full of trust, satisfaction and reward.

We are trying to make an impact in our industry by doing this differently.

Thinking of ways in which we can provide constant limitless value to our customers and staff so that they always feel like Spring Box has always got more left in the tank to give.

We are here to stay, we are here to give more value to all customers and we are to give it back.


Furniture Delivery & Assembly

Delivering & assembling is part of the white glove service we offer to our high street and online furniture shops.

Interior Design Projects

Receiving goods, checking & storing them until the project is ready for install are services we offer our interior designers.

Office Relocations

We use highly effective crates and tools to safely move valued office equipment on a daily basis throughout the City.

Fine Art

Collections, Crating, Installations, Shows and Deliveries in Fine Art is a real enjoyment to be apart of and is a service we take very seriously.

Interior Design House Fitters

Collecting from storage and installing furniture into houses for sale to enhance the property's chance of selling.

Labour Hire

Photoshoots, exhibitions or events that need physical labour to help set up and install projects are skills all our guys know how to do.