Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

As we start a new lockdown, we thought we would let our clients know how we are operating during these unprecedented times.

Safeguarding for our staff and clients are at our forefronts daily and we will continue to do whatever we need to protect against the spread of this virus. We take this very seriously and have already implemented the following procedure:

Wearing Face Masks

Wearing Gloves

All vans have alcohol spray and wipes

All staff are being temperature checked daily

Staff are not permitted at work if showing symptoms

All staff members have a duty to report any symptoms to us as soon as they feel unwell. Safeguarding and self -isolation practices are being exercised if and when any staff have symptoms.

Government has granted our industry to carry on working. We have been creative in ways in which we can work alongside our clients in their homes. Here are some ways to be safer during the lockdown and whilst working in the pandemic:

Social distancing in the houses between staff and clients

PPE to be worn by us and if possible, clients too

Operating remotely by using Facetime or video calls to get instructions and communicate with clients (especially if they are high risk)

Reducing the amount of people in the house whilst we are working (family members, friends, other tradesmen, cleaners) cannot all be in the same house at the same time

We ask our clients to be understanding during these tough times so that we can do our best to get your goods delivered and/or move into your new home with no harm done.

If anyone wishes to put a coronavirus moving day plan in place please feel free to get in touch with our director so that we can be fully prepared come the day we need to be with you. You can contact us on 0203 737 2571 or on


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