Packing Service Twickenham

Packing Service Twickenham


If you’re looking to move house in or around Twickenham, then Spring box is here to help. One of the main time consumers for moving house is the packing. We offer a bespoke packing service so that you don’t have to worry. 

We focus on crafting this service to be the most effective in keeping your goods safe. Our team have been working collectively for many years and our experience is top of the range in making sure that your move is stress free.


Furniture Deliveries

The packing service in Twickenham will include:


  • Dismantling & Reassembling – Any large items i.e. beds, sofas, chest of drawers, can be disassembled, packed carefully and then reassembled at your new home.
  • Kitchen Crockery & Glassware – Crockery and glassware will be wrapped carefully in paper and fitted into small boxes so that there is no room for moving around that would risk breaking.
  • Picture Packing – Art and pictures hanging on the walls will be wrapped professionally either in one of our own specialty reusable covers or with specialized wrapping paper and cardboard, ensuring that no bumps or scrapes along the way will affect your items.
  • Piano Packaging – Pianos can be a stressful item to consider moving but our bespoke covers are there to take the stress away and our guys know exactly what to do to move them smoothly.
  • Sofa & Mattress Covers – Sofa and Mattresses need to be covered when moving any distance. We have specialized reusable sofa covers designed to keep them safe and mattress covers also so there’s no risk in ruining any of your comfiest items.
  • Boxes – All boxes we use to pack your items will be labelled with the room and the contents going into them. This makes the unpack at your new home as easy as possible. Our team will put all boxes into the right rooms and then it’s as simple as reading the label to know what’s inside and where it needs to go.

Wardrobe Boxes – We also use wardrobe boxes that we hang your clothes within to keep anything from getting creased during the move.

sofa cover

On the packing day, our team will pack up 80 – 90% of your goods. We will leave items such as beds, sofas, TV’s and limited kitchen plates and cups so that you still have the use of your essentials overnight until the day of the move. Moving day will see us completely finish these last few bits that need to be packed. Then it’s all in to the van and off we go.


Alongside these services we also take care of any other fragile items you might own.


  • Light Fittings – Once disconnected we proceed to package light fittings with poly chips in customizable boxes or into one of our large/tall boxes.
  • Chandeliers – For chandeliers we have specialized wooden crates to maximize safety during transit.
  • Grand Pianos – We use a multitude of layers for grand pianos, including export wrap, cardboard, reusable fabric covers and also can even fit into a piano shoe for ease in moving.
  • Lamps – Lamps will be wrapped in bubble wrap or layers of paper before being placed in one of our double strength cardboard boxes.
  • Wall Art, Mirrors and Canvases – We have reusable fabric picture covers for all of these items and can use extra protection from cardboard and thick paper to give extra protection.
  • Wooden Crates – For high value items we can bring special wooden crates that provide the ultimate protection for those items that you just want to know are going to near untouchable whilst in transit.




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