Safety During The Pandemic

Safety During The Pandemic

We are moving fast to make sure our team is working towards the up most safety during the Pandemic. In these unprecedented times things like moving to a new house can seem scary. The Covid virus has changed a vast amount of how we all go about our daily lives. Having the extra weight of needing to move and wondering how that can be done safely can be stressful. At Spring Box we are working around the clock to make sure that we provide the safest service for you. Here are some of the ways in which we are changing the way we work to keep you as safe as possible.


We make sure that all members of our team have fresh masks daily, following the government advice we will all be wearing masks when working in proximity of our customers.


Alongside the masks, again according to the government guidelines, we provide all of our team with gloves to work with. Providing safe and practical solutions to hygiene and safety.


All of our team will be provided hand sanitiser. It will be carried in our vans for easy access to the team who will regularly sanitise throughout the day.


We have also implemented temperature checks at the beginning and end of the week to enhance our safety protocol.

With all of these safety measures in place we feel we are working our upmost to keeping not only our team safe, but also to our customers, who’s safety we value to the highest degree.

We will keep working hard to make sure that we are operating as safely as possible. We’re dedicated to keeping up to date with any new measures we can take to have the best safety during the pandemic.

If you have any further queries regarding anything to do with the health and safety protocols we implement then please feel free to Contact Us.


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