The ultimate white glove service for perfect FF&E Installations & Storage

Serving Greater London and Beyond from Our Mitcham Warehouse

At SpringBox, our primary focus is on bringing our clients’ design visions to life. Specializing in FF&E Installations & Storage we deliver a meticulously tailored experience that precisely meets their unique needs.
Our exceptional track record is further strengthened by collaborations with some of the biggest and best designers, as well as renowned Italian furniture brands. This robust foundation establishes us as a trusted choice for clients who prioritize high-quality service and meticulous attention to detail in their design projects.


Leave the Hassle to Us: Seamless Delivery and Installation for Your Peace of Mind

Experience a seamless and stress-free process with our comprehensive full-service package.

  • To kickstart FF&E Installations & Storage journey, we can receive goods into our Mitcham, London-based warehouse.
  • Monday to Friday between 8-4pm with no restrictions
  • Once in our possession, rest assured as we store them securely in our warehouse, under 24/7 surveillance for added peace of mind.
  • Throughout their journey, we keep you consistently updated until they reach their final destination – precisely where they are meant to be.
  • In the rare event that any incidents occur along the way, we go the extra mile by providing photographic evidence promptly.
  • This ensures that no detail is overlooked or forgotten, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.


The best in London at storage and inventory management for interior designers

Innovation is at the core of our custom-built technology tailored specifically for our clients. Once interior designers start utilizing our technology, they quickly become enamoured, finding it indispensable for their needs.

Our highly trained staff actively handle high-value goods, supported by dedicated teams operating an optimally organized storage facility. All our operations revolve around providing service to interior designers and high-end furniture brands. This approach ensures a seamless and efficient experience for our clients, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every aspect of storage and inventory management.

interior design installation


High standards in reducing problems make a big difference in FF&E Installations & Storage

Hanging pictures and mirrors, fixing bookcases, and installing various FF&E items are daily tasks within Greater London.

Our trained staff adeptly perform these services, equipped with all the necessary tools and kit to efficiently complete each job. Spring Box stands out as the ultimate one-stop shop service for your needs.



Goods in transit and storage insurances are covered under our own policy.


Our experienced team always finds the best way of doing a job for optimum efficiency.


Using tools to help make our customers experience smoother and get the job done faster.


Multiple online reviews sites giving us ratings all above 4.5 stars.


We make customer satisfaction a top priority whatever the job.


As a company we all sing from the same hymn sheet and have absolute synergy.


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