About Us

House Removals London

At Springbox we are from many different nations, but we share the same vision. People are at the centre of everything we do. Our staff love to work for and with people. Furthermore, we enjoy working in the constructive, competitive culture of our industry. It keeps us on our toes and we enjoy working together in a team on a daily basis.

Our staff benefit from working in a team that is strong — where everyone is accountable and responsible for both their own and the shared tasks of each day. Our foremen are calm and confident. Their leadership is professional and trustworthy. The reviews we receive online testify to their ability to deal with unexpected problems.

Springbox are not shy of hard work and we step into each household with a stress-free and can-do attitude every time. It’s about choosing the right people for the job and making sure they are valued, then trusting them to take care of the excellent reputation we have with our customers. That’s our equation that we stick to and which always works.

The name of our business comes from a sporting background, and we believe it is important to ensure a similar team culture in our company. This way we all thrive off each other and hold each other accountable for everything we do. Each player at Springbox has a responsibility and we work together to ensure we meet our end goal — customer satisfaction. The numbers on our shirts represent team players to encapsulate this vision of being in a team, and everything that goes with it.

Our highly experienced team on the road, and in the office, all have years of experience in the house removals, storage, shipping and interior design.

With all this experience and the vision we share, we continue to make Springbox a great place to work at. We focus on communication, punctuality and customer service, bringing a dedication to every job that leaves our customers feeling highly satisfied.

Kind Regards