Interior Design

Interior Design Picture Hanging Installation

Receiving In Goods & Storage

Most of our Interior Design customers ship their products straight from their suppliers into our warehouse. First week of storage is always free.

Arrange Delivery Slots

Upon arrival and sometimes pre arrival we get in touch with your clients to arrange a suitable delivery slot. It's a professional arrangement.

Live Inventory Tracker

We use an online platform to share live details about your goods coming into our warehouse, so you always know what has been delivered.

Full Unpack & Assemble

Our experienced team specialise in unpacking and assembling. This is included on all items of furniture from our interior design clients.

Build & Construct

We handle a high volume of furniture that comes from Italy. Sometimes you require a more specialised delivery team. This is what we specialise in.

Picture & Artwork Hanging

This is normally an additional service. However, we sometimes offer this service solely to customers who need a professional to install artwork etc.

About Us

At Springbox we are from many different nations, but we share the same vision. People are at the centre of everything we do. Our staff love to work for and with people. Furthermore, we enjoy working in the constructive, competitive culture of our industry. It keeps us on our toes and we enjoy working together in a team on a daily basis.

Our staff benefit from working in a team that is strong — where everyone is accountable and responsible for both their own and the shared tasks of each day. Our foremen are calm and confident. Their leadership is professional and trustworthy. The reviews we receive online testify to their ability to deal with unexpected problems.

Springbox are not shy of hard work and we step into each household with a stress-free and can-do attitude every time. It’s about choosing the right people for the job and making sure they are valued, then trusting them to take care of the excellent reputation we have with our customers. That’s our equation that we stick to and which always works...


Interior Design Deliveries: 

We have fixed rates for high street furniture shops and interior designers that are selling furniture and need rates for single items to be delivered. Our clients get their suppliers to ship straight to our warehouse in SW, Battersea so that it’s easy to connect to London and beyond postcodes.

  • Fixed rates for single item delivery 
  • Arrange delivery slots
  • Full assembly and take away packaging
  • White glove service


Interior Design Procurement Projects and Installations

This service has rates which is catered towards interior design installations of between 2-6+ bedrooms. Spring Box offers fixed rates for the whole procurement. 

Because the suppliers all have different lead times our interior design customers normally need storage for around a month on these projects. This allows for all items to be delivered before we deliver everything to your clients house in one smooth delivery.

W use a live online tracker where Interior designers can choose if they want specific items checked upon delivery by adding certain labels on the inventory. They can also see the condition of the deliveries and see what has and has not arrived yet. 

Includes Services like:

  • Storage
  • Checking over items
  • Hanging wall art and headboards
  • Constructing larger furniture  


Interior Design House Fitters:

Interior designers like house fitters or show house displays have their own furniture that is rented out to help sell a property. We come in when they need extra help, delivering and installing this rented furniture. This normally happens when they are busy or if they require specialised skills on site or just need more hands to get the job done.

This is usually charged on an hourly rate. Our experience from working with other interior designers and in the house removals industry enables us to work alongside the in house delivery team and create some magnificent show home displays.

Sometimes it goes beyond the furniture, where it’s about making the home feel more like someone is actually living there. It tends to involve making beds, setting up teddy’s in the children’s rooms and packing wood around the fire place. 

Our core belief is to ensure happy customers and it is never a problem for us to go the extra mile. 

Bella Vie Interiors

Excellent Installation

Thank you to Spring Box and their experienced team who performed an incredible job. Because of you our installation on The Bishops Ave, North London went better than expected. Thanks for always saving the day! We are very excited to be working with you in the future.

Bella Vie