Never use removals companies to do white glove delivery service, even if they well established

Would you get a plumber to do an electrician’s job?

never use removal companies to do white glove service

It’s happened again. The same problems different day. In the bustling world of London’s interior industry, the reliance on removal companies for white glove delivery services has been a longstanding issue. However, beneath the surface lies a world of challenges and missed opportunities, where the delicate dance of furniture installation requires a finesse beyond the capabilities of conventional movers. Picture this: entrusting a donkey with the task of winning a horse race or tasking your painter with fitting kitchen units. It simply doesn’t align. There must be a reason why all removal companies use stock imagery that all look the same on their websites. They don’t want to showcase their staff members for some reason.

Removal companies, while established, often lack the specialized skill set required for handling high-end furniture deliveries. Their workforce composition typically consists of a minority of skilled individuals amidst a sea of general labourers, resulting in a gamble when it comes to white glove services. The discrepancy between the offerings of removal companies and specialized furniture installation companies becomes glaringly apparent when comparing their capabilities side by side.

never use removal companies to do white glove service

Whats the difference




Installations Company

Inexperience with handling high-end furniture (10% of day-to-day work) Staff that handles high-end furniture deliveries every day
Unable to solve customer problems Knows how to deal with demanding clients and experienced staff know how to fix problems
Collections are not well packed, instead, transit blankets end up with damages Thick durable packaging is used to collect goods of high value
High rate of failed deliveries due to poor planning High rate of successful deliveries due to better-paid staff and dedicated account managers that check the access beforehand
Low level of accountability due to things always getting damaged on house moves Experts take a lot more pride in their work and damage is a poor reflection of themselves

Choosing the right team for the job is paramount. Opting for professionally trained staff who are accustomed to the nuances of high-value furniture installations ensures a seamless white-glove experience. Let’s delve deeper into why specialized installation companies are the crème de la crème:


Charismatic Staff:

Their teams boast courteous and personable individuals adept at managing even the most demanding clients with finesse and charm.

Versatile Skill Set:

From hanging mirrors to fixing headboards, their staff are trained in a myriad of furniture assembly tasks, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Unmatched Customer Service:

With a commitment to accountability and pride in their craft, these experts go above and beyond to address any concerns and deliver exceptional service.

Extensive Product Knowledge:

With a wealth of experience spanning numerous high-end brands, their staff possess an unparalleled understanding of furniture intricacies.

Meticulous Planning:

Diligent attention is paid to every detail, from planning routes to assessing access points, ensuring smooth and efficient white glove deliveries.

Premium Packaging:

Utilizing thick, durable packaging materials, they prioritize the protection and preservation of valuable furniture during transit.

Expert Handling Techniques:

Their staff employ precision and care in handling goods, minimizing the risk of breakages and damages.


With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, there’s no room for error or inconsistency in their service delivery.

Interior Design Installations

Entrusting your white glove delivery to specialized installation companies guarantees a level of professionalism, expertise, and care that surpasses the capabilities of removal companies. By prioritizing skill, meticulous planning, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, these experts ensure a flawless execution that elevates your interior design projects to new heights of excellence.

Furthermore, the benefits of partnering with specialized installation companies extend beyond the immediate satisfaction of a successful delivery. Consider the long-term implications for your business reputation and client relationships. A single mishap resulting from an inexperienced mover can reverberate through your clientele, tarnishing your hard-earned reputation and eroding trust in your services.

Conversely, by aligning yourself with experts in white glove delivery, you signal a commitment to excellence and attention to detail that resonates with discerning clients. Each successful delivery becomes a testament to your professionalism and dedication, reinforcing your position as a leader in the industry. Moreover, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your installations are in capable hands allows you to focus on what you do best: crafting breathtaking spaces that inspire and delight.

In essence, the decision to choose specialized installation companies for your white glove delivery needs is not just about the immediate convenience—it’s an investment in the longevity and success of your business. So, why settle for mediocrity when you can elevate your interior design projects to unparalleled heights of sophistication and refinement? Choose excellence. Choose expertise. Choose specialized installations for your white glove delivery services.

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