Office Moves

Office Moves

Office Moves 

Office Moves are one of our main services we offer to our customers at Spring Box. Our years of experience in office moves have pioneered the way for successful office moves. Some of the points that separate us from the rest are:

  • Good leadership on site
  • Well planned logistics
  • All in service
  • Trade affiliate recommendations 
  • Picture and wall art hanging


Flexible Working Hours

Our office moves can be done at any time of the day so that you can have as little distribution as possible. We can come in after working hours, work during the night or even on weekends. It’s because of our commitment to giving you the best service possible is how we are able to be so flexible. So successful office moves mean you and us are both happy. 


Dismantling & Reassembling

We often dismantle desks and other bespoke office furniture during office moves. No desk is foreign to us, we can do them all.

Crate Hire

Normally on a weeks hire. Crates perfect for packing office contents. Their hard shell provide great safety and security for all office content.

Flexible Hours

We understand that it can be hard to stop operating. We can work during the night or on weekends for a smoother relocation.

Floor Planning

Our foreman work alongside you to make sure the floor plan is executed to your satisfaction. We'll make a success of the logistics.

Pc's, Monitors & Servers

We can pack and move all types of hardware. If we cannot move them in pc crates them we can provide packing that insures their safety during transit.

Packing & Unpacking

We offer quick and professional packing service. From books, files, the kitchen and even the top of desk positions. You've got it all covered by us.

About Us

At Springbox we are from many different nations, but we share the same vision. People are at the centre of everything we do. Our staff love to work for and with people. Furthermore, we enjoy working in the constructive, competitive culture of our industry. It keeps us on our toes and we enjoy working together in a team on a daily basis.

Our staff benefit from working in a team that is strong — where everyone is accountable and responsible for both their own and the shared tasks of each day. Our foremen are calm and confident. Their leadership is professional and trustworthy. The reviews we receive online testify to their ability to deal with unexpected problems.

Springbox are not shy of hard work and we step into each household with a stress-free and can-do attitude every time. It’s about choosing the right people for the job and making sure they are valued, then trusting them to take care of the excellent reputation we have with our customers. That’s our equation that we stick to and which always works...


No Office Move Too Big Or Small

There is not a job too big or small for us. From moving 350 positions in an office move to just moving a small start up, we are able to help everyone. We normally use crate hire when it comes to moving office. The strong and robust crates gives optimal protection for all the hardware and computer screens and monitors whilst in transit. 

Spring Box offer to pack up a whole office from files, to even the kitchen. We can take down boards and re-install them again, ready to go for when you come back to work. We bring skates and trolleys on every office move to help transport and make light work of all the heavy crates. 

Our professional team dismantle and reassemble desks according to floor plans and carefully package any fragile or bespoke furniture that is to come with your office move. 


You would be covered on our policy. Our policy is with Lonham, who specialise in goods in transit,  public liability and storage insurance. Our public liability cover is £5million which is a standard requirement when working in big buildings. If you require any certificates feel free to get in touch. 


Desks Dismantled


Monitors Moved


Crates Hired


Telephones Delivered